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Criminal Record Certificate

Obtain your Criminal Record Certificate within 24 hours

We can obtain your Criminal Record Certificate (Certificato del Casellario Giudiziale) and Pending Proceedings Certificate (Certificato dei Carichi Pendenti) within 24 hours from the request. We will send you a scanned copy of the certificate as soon as we collect it. We can also send the original to your address by express courier, which you will receive within 24/48 hours. Please fill out the following form, send an email to or a message via Whatsapp (+39 3270037470) and we will send you a quote for collecting your certificate. CRIMINAL RECORD FORM
Italian Citizenship

Discover immediately if you are eligible for Italian citizenship

If you have an Italian ancestor (e.g. great grandfather/mother or grandfather/mother) who was born in Italy and emigrated to your country (USA, UK, Argentina etc.), you might be eligible for Italian citizenship. Please fill out our ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP FORM with the information you have regarding your family members, and an expert Italian lawyer will let you know if you have the requirements for becoming an Italian citizen. It is free of charge and of any obligation.     ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP FORM


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