Brexit update: April 12, 2019

Brexit update: April 12, 2019

In late-night deliberations on April 11th, the 27 EU members agreed to grant an extension to Brexit until October 31st. The decision was made in order to give the British Parliament a little more time to sort out the Brexit mess and to avoid the UK leaving the Union with no deal at all.

Unfortunately, Westminster is still deadlocked over how to go about accomplishing Brexit. Although PMs have voted not to exit the EU without a deal, they have also voted down the deal negotiated between PM May and EU leaders three times. After the vote to give the British six more months to solve the problem, European Council President  Donald Tusk pleaded with his “British friends”  not to “waste this time” of the extension. Mr. Tusk also suggested that during this time the UK could either ratify the withdrawal agreement or choose to “cancel Brexit” altogether. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted that she was relieved that the UK wouldn’t be crashing -out but added that “allowing people to decide if they want to leave is now imperative” .

Theresa May, who had wanted a shorter extension, affirmed her hopes to get the deal on the table passed before the end of May in order to leave the EU by June 1st, thus avoiding the obligation to take part in the May 23rd-26th Parliamentary elections.

All of the Brexit uncertainty has inspired some pundits to quip that  the Brexit conundrum may not end in May, but it may lead to the end of May. Others are now wondering whether the Halloween deadline will reveal itself to be a trick or a treat. Only time will tell.

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