One of the main advantages of online pharmacies in this pandemic restricted measures is the lack of lines. In an online pharmacy, you can slowly read detailed descriptions of the drugs you need and compare Modafinil prices in no hurry. In addition, you can read the reviews and opinions of other pharmacy customers.

FARMACIA TIOLI di Franca Aita e Andrea Babini [Rating: 4.7]
Largo Brancaccio, 67, 00184 Roma RM, Italy | +39 06 487 2733 |

I have been utilizing FARMACIA TIOLI di Franca Aita e Andrea Babini for my Modafinil meds for 10 plus years now with minimal issues. Peggy and her crew provide excellent customer services and assistance to their customers.

Horrible, rude customer service!! One of the employees got mad at me for calling too much. When I tried to explain to them why I had to call so often, they told me to get a different job girlfriend!! Happily never using them again!!!!! Goodbye and good riddance!!!!

Farmacia Portuense [Rating: 4.1]
Via Portuense, 425, 00149 Roma RM, Italy | +39 06 556 2653 |

Kate is just wonderful, knowledgeable, and always gives great information and advice about Provigil medicine. All the staff here deserve recognition for their care and friendliness. Every time I go in there for any meds, the service is reminiscent of neighborhood pharmacies of old… personal and friendly. Well done, guys.

I use Farmacia Portuense all the time for my mom’s medications. Their Modafinil prices cannot be beaten, and I save quite a bit of money by getting them filled there. Every time I call or have a question, the staff is always helpful in getting me the information that I need. Today when I ran in to get a prescription for my mom, I had picked up a box of k cups which they graciously allowed me to pay for at their counter, so I didn’t have to wait in the long check-out lines for just one item. Highly recommend!

Farmacia Primavera [Rating: 3.4]
Via Appia Nuova, 233, 00183 Roma RM, Italy | +39 06 701 1812 |

This place is nice for your needs. Very helpful. It seems like they are obeying all the covid-19 rules at this time. Keep up the good work. I will continue to give you five stars.

Worst customer service EVER! I was hung up on five times before I used the physician options. After expressing my frustration with being upon, she simply asked for my prescription information without even acknowledging that I was hung upon. I understand times are stressful and extremely busy but being rude, especially when you work in the medical field, is unacceptable. Farmacia Primavera has had issues with customer service way before COVID-19, and now it’s even worse! SMH

Farmacia dei Quiriti [Rating: 4.5]
Piazza dei Quiriti, 1, 00192 Roma RM, Italy, United States | +39 06 324 2987 |

I began using this pharmacy just before we started quarantine for the COVID 19 pandemic began. I’ve found the staff there to be very helpful. Since we’ve been on NY Pause, they have been doing contactless delivery, and they keep track of when I need to get refills. The other day I called asking for a refill and was reminded that Id picked up my medicines early last month because I was going away for a while. Now on my return, I couldn’t remember where Id put the medicine that I didn’t bring with me. I told them that I’d looks around for it and call if I couldn’t find it. About an hour later, my doorbell rang. It was the pharmacist’s helper dropping off my Modafinil medication. That is good service. I was able to be vaccinated for COVID at Farmacia dei Quiriti in Jan and early Feb. Stop by and say hello to Bobby. This is a neighborhood business.

This pharmacy, in particular, has led me to my decision to stop using Kroger pharmacy completely. The only reason I gave two stars instead of one is that overall the pharmacist is usually nice, but almost every time I go, I’m given the wrong prescription of birth control, which has made me sick on several occasions, or I’ll call a day ahead to refill, and it isn’t until I get there that they tell me my prescription is expired with no refills. One time I was given 100mg pills of Modafinil instead of 25mg pills, and I was throwing up and overdosing. Once an issue happens once I try to prepare for it in the future, but it’s almost impossible when I have no help on the other end, and it’s something else every time. There’s always an issue when I come here, and it should be as simple as going in and out. Instead, every time I go, there seems to be an issue, and the pharmacy never takes any sort of responsibility for it and then leaves me to have to figure it out.