Coronavirus. DPCM March 22, 2020 defining the essential activities that can continue to remain open

Coronavirus. DPCM March 22, 2020 defining the essential activities that can continue to remain open

The Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Giuseppe Conte, following all the previous decrees regarding the Coronavirus, has signed a DPCM (“Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri”), introducing at national level further measures on the containment and management of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemiological emergency.

On March 22 the President Mr. Conte signed a decree that establishes more restrictive measures defining the essential activities that can continue to remain open .

Among others, the entire food and beverage supply chain for beverages and food, medical devices, pharmacies, law firms, as well as firms of accountants, notaries, architects, and engineers, call centers, textile industry, public services, essential services (referred to in Law no. 146 of 12 June 1990), supermarkets, transportation, post offices, banks, newsstands, and all other activities listed in Annex 1 of the decree will remain open.

The list may be updated by decree of the Mise, after consulting the Mef.

All other activities not included in the list are considered non-essential and, therefore, must be closed. Schools and museums remain closed.

The decree also prohibits people from moving, by public or private transport, to a municipality other than the one in which they are located. One can only move from one municipality to another, therefore, only for ” proven occupational needs, of absolute urgency” or for “health reasons”. Consequently, in Article 1, paragraph 1, letter a) of Decree March 8, 2020 the words “It is permitted to return to one’s own domicile, home or residence” (which until today was allowed) are deleted.

The decree is effective from today, Monday 23 – companies will have time to complete the closure until Wednesday 25, including the shipment of goods in stock – until April 3rd, 2020. The same provisions apply, cumulatively, to those set out in the Decree of 11 March 2020 as well as to those set out in the Order of the Minister of Health of 20 March 2020, whose terms of effectiveness, originally set at 25 March 2020, are extended to 3 April 2020.

This is the full text of the decree and Annex 1

Wherever you are, we invite you to stay home, and safe. Do not go out unless is strictly necessary. Do not underestimate the seriousness of the situation.

Wheter you are travelling on foot, by public transport, or private vehicle, you must have with you a duly compilled form (download below), which is called “autodichiarazione” provided by the government, to justify your beeing out of your home. False statements will be liable to criminal charges including pecuniary sanctions and incarceration.

Please consider following the recommendations below concerning personal hygiene set down by the Italian Ministry of Health:

•Wash your hands often and thoroughly, (especially as soon as  coming home after coming into contact with other people, touching door knobs, etc.) In alternative, use a hand sanitizer.

•Do not hug, kiss or shake hands with people when you meet.

•Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter  (3ft between yourself and others. (This is approximately the distance a droplet travels after sneezing.)

•Avoid contact with people who have acute respiratory-tract infections.

•Use a paper tissue to cover your nose when sneezing. If you don’t have one, sneeze into your elbow. Do the same for coughing.

• Do not touch your nose, mouth or eyes with your hands. (Conjunctivitis is one symptom of corona virus which can enter the body by touching the eye with an infected finger.)

•Do not share bottles or glasses when drinking. (Our mothers would add not to eat each other’s food!)

•Clean surfaces with a bleach or alcohol-based disinfectant.

  1. I am going to Italy for 4 days in Sept on holiday, I have been informed that I need to fill in a form prior to entry to the country, but reading the form, I am baffled what I am signing, or if infact I actually need to sign it, Can you help me?

    • Dear Margaret,
      Please send me an email ( with more details.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Thannk you,

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