1. That’s good to know that the apostille needs to be affixed to both the act and its translation. My uncle is from Italy and doesn’t speak much English right now, so I’m helping him find a translation service to help him. I’ll have to find one that works with apostilles and will help explain it to him so he can make sure his legal documents transfer over.

  2. Salve. I am a non-EU citizen and I studied in Italy for my master’s degree. In my country, legalisation of my diploma and diploma supplement is required, unfortunately I could not do it for diploma supplement. And I can’t go back to Italy for it because of expired residence permit. Do I have any chance to do the legalisation of my diploma supplement from distance or in the Italian consulate in my country? I would appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks in advance.
    Kind Regards.

  3. hi,

    I have a question if the translated document has the apostille do I still need to have “certification of conformity” (certificazione di conformità) by the consular office? that’s for marriage certificate

    • Dear Jessy,
      It seems confusing. Can you please send a scanned copy of your marriage certificate to info@vademecumitalia.com?

      We will then be able to understand the case and give you an answer.

      Thank you

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