Passenger’s Bill of Rights

Complaint Form for denied boarding,
flight cancellation or extended flight delay
(EC Regulation 261/2004)
5 minuts


Here below you can find a translation, in English, of the ENAC Complaint Form published, in Italian, at the following link.

Fill in the form below with all the required information and click submit. It will take you no more than 5 minutes!!

Once we receive your form, we will fill in the online ENAC Complaint Form (in Italian) on your behalf and submit it to ENAC.

You will then receive an answer from ENAC (it can take several weeks because ENAC should open an investigation asking the airline company to provide proof of the facts, etc, and only then will issue a formal decision regarding the case). Considering that the answer will be in Italian, we will be able to assist you in understanding its meaning if you need our help.

   Simple as that!!  

    1) Has a complaint already be sent to the airline company?
    YesNoYes, but the answer was not satisfactory

    2) When?(date)

    3) Write here the airline company's response or state that the airline company has not responded (up to 300 characters)

    (first and second, as they appear on your identity document)

    (first and second, as they appear on your identity document)


    13) Causes of Complaint
    Denied boarding (art.4)Flight cancellation (art.5)Flight delay (art.6)Failure to provide passenger rights information (Article 14)

    14) Flight

    Airport where the fact occurred

    Airline company

    Flight number

    Flight date

    Airport of departure

    Airport of destination

    Intermediate stop




    18) Your travel
    Flight onlyAll inclusive trip(travel package)

    19) Were you informed of your rights?
    At check-inAt boardingNo

    20) Did you receive assistance?

    21) Type of assistance provided:
    MealsSnacksHotelTransfersPhone calls/ e-mailNone

    22) Did the Company offer you re-routing on an alternative flight?

    23) Did the Company reimburse the cost of the ticket?
    In fullPartiallyNo

    24) Did you receive financial compensation, if due (denied boarding, flight cancellation or delay of at least 3 hours)?

    25) In case of a delay of more than 5 hours, did the Company offer the possibility of not taking the flight and the consequent reimbursement of the cost of the ticket?

    Additional information useful for the evaluation of the complaint (up to 1000 characters)

    In compliance with Italian Legislative Decree (Privacy Protection Act), I authorize ENAC to process personal data which is transmitted for the sole purpose of adopting measures related to the complaint and/or of data-processing. I accept
    Yes (according to ENAC this response is mandatory in order to file the request)No (please consider that if you choose No, we will not be able to file your request because ENAC will not accept it)

    >*The activity that ENAC will carry out as a consequence of the complaint is not intended to satisfy a request for compensation by the claimant, nor to provide legal assistance or counseling services. However, it is possible that if the measure that ENAC takes determines responsibility on the part of the airline company, the claimant may use that measure to (re)request compensation from the airline company.

    By filling “ENAC – complaint form” and sending it to us you understand and agree that Vademecum Italia will fill in the online ENAC Complaint Form on your behalf and send it to ENAC, but that no legal assessment of your case will be carried out, and that neither party is bound to a contract nor is a contract concluded due to this form. With reference to this form, Vademecum Italia will not provide legal assistance and is not responsible for ENAC’s answer and for its final outcome.