FAQ. Estratto per riassunto dell'atto di matrimonio

FAQ. Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio. What is it, where, when, and how can you request it?

Based on our customers’ experience, we can say that it happens quite often that people file their Italian citizenship application by marriage through an Italian consulate, and only after they start the process they discover that they have to formally prove their marital status. For this reason, they are then requested to produce an estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio, which most people that do not live in Italy rightly do not know what is

An estratto per riassunto is an official document issued by the Italian Comune where the marriage was celebrated or was transcribed (if celebrated abroad), which contains the registration details (year, act number, part, and series of the Register of Civil Status), the personal data of the spouses, the date and place of marriage, plus additional data that is called “annotazioni marginali (marginal annotations), such as the matrimonial property regime (communion/separation of assets), or divorce. If there are no marginal annotations you will read “nessuna” (none).

Click here to see an example of an Estratto per riassunto dal registro per gli atti di matrimonio

So, after an applicant has been told that an estratto is needed, he/she does not know what exactly to do in order to obtain this important document. After some online research, they realize that the information on the website of the Comune of interest is not clear or is in Italian only, and so they try to get in touch with their Comune, but they usually do not receive any answer.

So, how can someone request and obtain an estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio from an Italian Comune?

One thing we noticed is that many people do not know that if they want to request an estratto per riassunto of their act of marriage, first they need to be sure that their marriage was ever transcribed in the Registers of the Comune of interest (where the Italian spouse is registered in the AIRE), if the marriage was celebrated abroad. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is verify if your act of marriage was actually transcribed in your Comune.

How can you do this? Just send an email to assistance@vademecumitalia.com and we will provide the assistance you need.

Then, if you receive a negative answer, which means your marriage was never transcribed, so your marital status in the registers of the Comune is still “celibe” or “nubile” (“unmarried”), in order to request an estratto per riassunto, you will first need to request the transcription of your act of marriage (here are our previous posts 1)In Rome, Milan, Turin, and Naples the transcription of your act of marriage can go on a fast-track thanks to VI. 2) Transcription of marriages celebrated abroad in the Italian Registers of Civil Status, and 3) Do you need to transcribe a foreign act in the registers of the Municipality of Rome? Here’s why you should do it quickly!)

If you need to transcribe your act of marriage, please send an email to assistance@vademecumitalia.com, and we will send you a quotation for the service.

On the contrary, in case you receive a positive answer, in the sense that your marriage has already been transcribed, you will be able to request your estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio, from your Comune. As per the procedure to follow in order to obtain the estratto, every Comune has its different rules, so it is advisable to try to get in touch with the administration to understand if in your case you have to go in person, or if you can send a letter (in Italian) to a specific address, or a pec message to the pec address of the Comune, should you have a pec account (in this case you will only receive a soft copy).

If you need assistance with the request of an estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matromonio, please send an email to assistance@vademecumitalia.com, and we will send you a quotation for the service.

Certificato, estratto per riassunto, and copia integrale

Furthermore, we noticed that in many cases there is a little confusion between a certificato di matrimonio and an estratto (there is also the copia integrale dell’atto di matromonio, although it is requested/used less often). Therefore, it could be useful to clarify how an estratto per riassunto differs from a certificate or a copia integrale.

  1. The marriage certificate shows the minimum essential data, so it contains the registration details (year, act number, part, and series of the Register of Civil Status), the personal data of the spouses, the date and place of marriage. It is a certification that proves the marital status.
  2. In addition to the above data, the estratto per riassunto also includes other significant data that is called “annotazioni marginali” (marginal annotations as defined by article 69 of the D.p.R. 396/2000), such as the matrimonial property regime (communion/separation of assets), or divorce. It is a summary of what is registered in the official Register of Civil Status of the Comune.
  3. The copia integrale dell’atto di matrimonio is the authenticated copy of the act as it has been registered in the Register of the Civil Status of the Comune, where any circumstance and annotation is reported. It is a “complete copy” of the act of marriage.
If you want to know if your marriage has actually been transcribed in the Registers of your Comune, or if you need assistance with the transcription of your act of marriage, or with the request for an estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio, please send an email to assistance@vademecumitalia.com, and we will send you a quotation for the service.


  1. Amazing servie from a extremely professional lawyer. I received the estratto faster than it was supposed to take. It shows that David knows the right people and the right ways of working these matters in Italy. Super recommended!

    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your nice comment.

      It was a pleasure meeting you and Emily here in Rome.

      I will send you an email to answer your request for assistance with your Italian citizenship application, asap.

      Thank you,

  2. David is an amazing person and extremely professional lawyer that you can trust with your eyes shut. Fantastic communication, he always replied my emails very quickly. I needed a copy of my Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio to apply for the italian citizenship, that he provided me in a record speed.
    Absolutely recommended.
    Thanks David!!

  3. David and his team provide amazing service. After failed attempts at reaching the Comune di Napoli myself and through relatives in Italy, David and his team managed to secure my Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio in record time. He was patient, professional and covered all of the details for me, it was truly a pleasure to work with Vademecum Italia and know that my documents were on their way. Highly recommended!

  4. Highly recommended for anyone who just wants things done, not to have to fuss around or worry about things, they did all the chasing up got everything swiftly and effectively resolved far faster than I expected.

    Government departments and more than a few companies could learn a lot from the efficiency of service shown by David and his team.

  5. David provided a perfect service! He and his team helped my husband and I obtaining the Estratto rapidly. He explained everything to us, replying e-mails very quickly and very patiently.

    I will definitely use Vademecum Italia service to apply for the Italian citizenship.

    5 stars!

    • Hi Carol,
      Thank you for your fantastic comment.

      While you are waiting to apply for Italian citizenship, please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


  6. David is a great example of what good service should be.

    We enlisted his services while struggling for years to obtain our marriage certificate. In a matter of weeks, David sorted it all out for us.

    Thank you David for your professionalism and quick turn around. I would highly recommend using Vademecum Italia service.

  7. I’m really happy to have found this piece as it clarifies a lot of things I wasn’t sure about. I would like to ask a related question though. I have very recently got married to an Italian citizen. We got married in London where we live and I would like to register the marriage with the Comune of my wife’s home town where her parents still live. I found this page https://conslondra.esteri.it/consolato_londra/en/i_servizi/per_i_cittadini/stato_civile/registrare-matrimonio.html from the website of the Italian consulate in London which seems pretty clear, except that I’m a bit puzzled as to why they do not return original documents in the case of successful applications. I will have to send the original copy of our marriage certificate, with Apostille, and then never see it again, and then have to wait for and rely on the subsequent estratto per riassunto as the only hard evidence of the marriage. I do not feel comfortable with that and do not understand why that would be. I’d appreciate any light you can shed on this.

    • Dear Ben,
      Yes, unfortunately, you always need to submit the original papers. In addition to what you wrote, please note that you will also need the translation of the marriage certificate with its apostille or legalization. Please note that the process is not as simple as you might think. If you just send your papers via snail mail to your Italian Comune without any professional assistance, and without following the correct process (for example a complete request in Italian etc.), my opinion is that it is very difficult that they will transcribe your marriage. If you do it through the consulate, you could wait years before the comune transcribes the marriage. In fact, one of the requests for assistance that I receive most frequently comes from people who have requested the transcription of the marriage through the consulate, but after 10/12/18 months from the request, the marriage is not yet transcribed (I have just met a married copule who is in this exact situation here in Rome this morning). Therefore, I also assist people that prefer to send the original papers directly to me, and then I send a correct and complete transcription request from Italy, which also makes the process a lot faster. After the transcription is done, I am able to obtain the estratto that proves the transcription of the marriage on behalf of the client.
      Please let me know if everything is clear.

  8. We really, trust, appreciate and highly recommend the service of Vademecum Italia Legal Guides, it was very helpful for us. David is a great person and excelent professional.
    Here is our history. My wife and I traveled to Rome-Italy to obtain our marriage certificate, but when we arrived to the Comuna, although we had presented all the documentation in our country (Peru) more than a year ago, they told us that our marriage was not registered. This was very frustrating for us. Fortunately, a friend had given us David’s business card and without knowing him we called immediately. David gave us a lot of support, tranquility and confidence during that call, and also he agreed to meet with us to help with our problem. And it was like that, we met, he explained everything and advised us. After that, without hesitation, we decided to work with him. Then David was in charge of managing with the Comuna di Roma the transcription of our marriage and he kept us informed at all time. The best of all, is that he achieve it in less than 2 days. It was incredible.
    Next he inmediatley obtained our multilingual marriage certificate in less than a week.
    We are very grateful to you and your team, and we wish you the best.

  9. I just want to leave a note here validating David’s work. I wouldn’t trust almost anyone with official papers but after reading this site, I know it would be someone to trust.
    David was able to check that my marriage was in fact transcribed, he then helped me with the request for the estratti, getting a multilingual marriage certificate in a fast, secure way.
    Thank you very much for all your kind help David.

  10. David is professional, knowledgeable, and always responsive to your questions, ideas, and concerns. He is unfailingly polite. I have no doubt that should difficulties arise with your project, as happened in my case when the Poste Italiane failed for over two months to deliver my estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio, David will be dogged in his efforts to achieve your mutual goal – as he was for me. I recommend his services with confidence.

    • Patricia,
      What a lovely comment!

      Thank you and please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.


  11. David helped me to to check to see if my marriage had been transcribed, and then requested the estratto di matrimonio from the commune. David was super helpful, prompt, and very affordable. I really loved the fact that he responded to all of my emails within 24 hours (usually less)! I highly recommend him.

  12. I appreciated very much all the assistance David provided me to resolve my case in very short time and very affordable cost. David readily responded all my questions through emails (within 24hr or faster…considering the time zone difference!!) providing me guidance on what needed to be done so I could get my certificates as quickly as possible.

    David worked directly with the Communi I needed certificates from and was able to find out that my act of birth hasn’t been scanned when was supposed to have been scanned. David went above and beyond what he had promised me to get to the bottom of it and spoke with people from different departments of this Communi, wrote a letter on my behalf to request scanning to be expedited as much as possible as he was concerned that everything would get even more delayed due to the holiday season coming up. David was able to get not only a traditional estratto di nascita, but also a multilingual estratto as well as a copia integrale of it. I highly recommend David!!

    Thank you David for all your assistance!


  13. Wow, where to start!? David has been both a fountain of information and assistance since I first reached out to him around reacquiring my Italian citizenship. Not only does he expertly traverse the confusing and bureaucratic Italian government, but he has also explained everything to me in a very clear and concise manner. In only a few short days, David requested and acquired updated copies of estratti (birth certificates) for both my father and me. It is not often one finds someone who is highly skilled, efficient, good at communication, and trustworthy. I am so incredibly pleased that I have done just that with David and recommend his services without any hesitation.

  14. My name is Nick Di Archangel and I live in the United States. I am working toward applying for my Italian citizenship and I needed to retrieve my grandfather’s birth certificate from his commune. David at Vademecum Italia was able to successfully help me retrieve the documents I needed. David/Vademecum Italia represented me, filed all the necessary paperwork, and completed the work in a very timely manner. He provided exceptional service, including excellent, fast communication, updating me on every step of the process. I highly recommend his services, and I would work with David/Vademecum Italia again should I need additional help.

  15. Sometimes you just get lucky. I stated with doing family genealogy. Tracking parents then grandparents and so on. This is when I found out about the possibility of Italian citizenships through my grandfather. I thought wow that would be neat but I needed my grandfathers original birth certificate. Now how does a guy from small town Ohio find a record in Sicily that’s over a 125 years old? Where to even start? Well for me it was Facebook. I found a distant relative who pointed me to the “Comune di Sinagra.” The place I needed to get my grandfathers documents. Still I was at a loss to communicate and navigate the Italian system. This is when I stumbled on David. He has been better then great. Communication was in English and his patience with me has been outstanding. David answered every question I have had quickly and in simple to understand terms. His fee for legal services was reasonable if not to reasonable. An American lawyer would have been easily twice the price. Within 15 days from my 1st email (and 7 from when I sent him my information), he had an electronic copy of my grandfathers 125 year old birth certificate. David is now securing the hard copy necessary for my petition for citizenships. Like I said sometime you get lucky. Finding David out of all the ways this process could have gone wrong was 1 in a million. Thank you.

  16. I needed a copy of my estratti in order to obtain a divorce. David requested the estratti from the place I was married and kept me informed the same day as to what would happen next.
    On the day he had stated it was ready, he waited 1 1/2 hours in order to collect it for me.
    Thank you David – I was so lucky to have found you on the internet. Your English is perfect and you did an amazing job at a very reasonable price.

  17. I strongly recommend David services, within 1 day he got me a copy of the Estratto per Reassunto del Registro degli Atti di Matrimonio Ordered on the 16/10/2019 which he ordered via PEC from the Comune di Moneglia and within 3 weeks I received the original by DHL. I leave in Dubai United Arab Emirates

  18. Found David’s very helpful article and contacted him to assist with sending our marriage certificate to South Africa. David kept in good contact and we now have our certificate in quick time. Thanks to David for great service.

  19. I was very impressed with David’s service, and wholeheartedly recommend him. Living in Hong Kong, I had no idea how to obtain the riassunto del matrimonio. David managed the process with total efficiency, giving me peace of mind the whole way through. Most sincere thanks to him.

  20. David provides both an excellent and efficient service. I was having difficulty obtaining a copy of our marriage certificate. His advice was clear and concise. His fee for the process is very good value. I would not hesitate in recommending David to anyone. We are very grateful to David for simplifying what appeared to be complicated.

  21. David is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks to him, we were able to obtain copies of our marriage transcription and family registry in the Comune of Rome, in just a couple of days.

    I would recommend his services without any doubts.

  22. I found Vandecum Italia and David Monterossi almost unexpectedly searching the web as I was beginning my juris sanguinis application for my Italian citizenship. David helped me obtain the birth and marriage certificates for my great-grand parents in the Iesi Comune – and made it a very easy, fast and painless process. He was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive throughout the process, which can be so confusing! He is extremely trustworthy, an excellent resource and has superb communication skills. He took care of me and went above and beyond. He was a great find and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I give David Monterossi 10 stars out of 10. Thank you, Mr. David – you were amazing!!

  23. I am very grateful for David Monterossi’s quality of work and efficiency. He took the time to describe the process, timeline and each step into acquiring what I needed. What a relief to have this kind of help! Highly reccomend his services and will absolutely come back for additional legal needs.

  24. Since my Italian citizenship was recognized, I’ve tried twice on my own to get a copy of my birth certificate from the comune in which I’m registered. The comune never responded. I contacted David for help, and not only did he get back to me right away, he explained exactly what he would do to get both electronic and hard copies. Within a short period of time, even considering the pandemic, I received my birth certificate! David’s fees are very reasonable, he was responsive to my questions, and I’m really happy with the service he provided! I won’t hesitate to contact him again if I need other legal interventions with the bureaucracy in Italy.

  25. David was incredibly helpful on getting my marriage transcription at the commune. I was waiting for over one year to get some reply, and he was able to get it done in a matter of weeks.
    He quickly responds to emails and keeps you updated during the process.
    I highly recommend his work.

  26. David is the best of the best among these services providers,
    We were lost between the Comune and the embassy were our marriage was registered. Since 2 years we were struggling to get a marriage certificate or at least copia integrale with no luck, untill we knew David.

    David got us all the required documents within 18 days with perfect follow-up and professional communications with the concerned parties and Authorities to get the job done.

    Without David’s help, we would be struggling untill this moment
    Thanks David

  27. Highly recommend! David helped secure vital records from Italy for my citizenship application in record time during the COVID pandemic. After weeks of wondering if/when I would get anything in the mail, I reached out to David for help and he brought immediate answers, quick replies, and came through with expedited tracking.

    Thank you so much David!

  28. I live in North America and David acquired my “atto integrale di matrimonio” from the commune in Rome. He noticed an error on the document and worked with the commune to fix the error and get the revised document issued within 10 days. This is very fast especially considering how terrible the Italian bureaucracy is.

    Thank you David!

  29. David helped me to obtain my marriage documents in the Comune of Rome. I was looking for a personal assistance from someone who could explain me the Italian legislation in clear English and he was brilliant. I felt very well assisted, he is very knowledgeable and communication was always excellent.

  30. David was incredibly responsive and helpful with assistance retrieving my great-grandfather’s birth certificate from the commune in Italy. He helped communicate with the commune, arranged for courier service, and ensured that it arrived in time for my citizenship appointment at the Consulate. I highly recommend the services of Vademecum Italia for assistance.

  31. David has been extremely helpful! He works very quick and is a great communicator! He helped me obtain my Italian documents in lightening speed. My family and I are so happy with David’s services we will continue using his services as move along the process.

  32. David was able to obtain my grandfathers birth certificate much faster than I ever expected – in just days! David was quick to reply and get back to me. Very helpful to say the least. I am excited to be on the journey to my Italian citizenship.

  33. I needed a birth certificate from a comune in Italy and I can say that the vademecum team help me get them really fast, even with everything almost closed in Italy due to the corona crisis. They are also really professional and efficient.

  34. Highly recommended! David was so professional and his communication was amazing! David obtained the requested document so fast, will use again in the near future. Thanks David for all your help!

  35. My wife was born in Italy to parents who were Croatian refugees on the way to Australia. No records have ever been known of, and previous attempts to obtain a birth certificate were fruitless.
    David has come up with the Birth Certificate after good communication and his knowledge of the system.
    We are very grateful for such a good outcome.

  36. David was fantastic. I had a specific problem with a document. David was very clear about what he needed. I got him the information and he worked quickly and got me the result I needed on a timely basis. I then found out I needed something additional. In one day David contacted the commune and solved my issue. I would highly recommend David to some one working on their Italian citizenship. He was clear, easy to work with, and most importantly got my document fixed very quickly. I can’t thank him enough.

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your kind words.

      Unfortunately for us, not all municipalities work this way. Many are inefficient and extremely slow and can take weeks if not months to answer.

      Luckly, in your case we found a very efficient clerk.

      I will let you know as soon as we collect the hard copies.

      Thank you,

  37. I used the services of David to obtain documentation regarding my Italian ancestors while considering Italian citizenship. David was super fast in his responses and obtained all the documents from the city officials in record time! Thanks a lot

    • Thank you Florian.

      We have received your form and will send you the quote to assist you with your 1948 case as soon as possible


  38. I am very impressed with Vademecum Italia’s services. All correspondence was very professional and informative. I was happy to be able to write my requests in English. I was searching for a death record for genealogy purposes and David came through so quickly! The turnaround was one day! That’s unbelievable. I would recommend Vademecum Italia for their great communication skills and their success in helping me with my request. I will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you, David!

  39. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the fast and professional services offered by David at locating a birth extract of my ancestor in Italy.
    Highly recommended!

  40. Amazing, and quick! service. They explained exactly how the process of acquiring the birth certificate would work and moved quickly to help me through the process. Definitely recommend.

  41. David has offered a professional and extremely helpful service. I cannot fault it one bit. I needed my grandfathers birth certificate and David got on the case straight away, informing me at all stages.

    I strongly recommend David’s services and I will be using him again for the next stage.

  42. In spite of the worldwide pandemic David did an excellent job in obtaining our Italian marriage certificate. I highly recommend his services

  43. David helped me to obtain a replacement birth certificate from the Comune in Torino and sent it over to me in the UK. He was extremely efficient, friendly, and trustworthy and saved me the trouble of having to go to Italy myself!

    I strongly recommend using David – thanks very much!

  44. David helped me get a death certificate in Italy. I was impressed that he was always fast to inform me of everything going on in the process and answered my emails the same day. He was also sensitive to the fact that my family had a time line that had to be met. He went the extra mile to get me what I needed much faster than expected. I will definitely be useing his services again to get italian citizenship in the future.

    Thanks for your help David.

    Rita Ferruccci

  45. Very professional and responsive service. David helped ensure that my marriage was properly registered in Italy (after well over two years of trying on my own with no luck!) Would highly recommend.

  46. Highly recommend! David pulled off the impossible and coordinated getting a hard copy of a marriage certificate from Ischia to Los Angeles in a little over two weeks. Can’t recommend him enough.

  47. David helped me get a birth certificate in Italy while being based in the UK. I was so impressed that he was always so helpful, dependable and communicated with ease.
    I can’t recommend him enough. Amazing trustworthy service. Give it a go. It takes all the pressure away.

  48. David was impeccable with his prompt service and empathy. I first was emailing to him in Italian ( which I had to use a translator app ) but as soon as he saw I was from Canada his responses came back in English . That shows that he is conscious of his clients needs . BRAVO!

    I will continue my journey to hopefully live in Italy with his help as I feel confident and safe that he has my best interests at heart.

    Mucho gracias

  49. I’m so pleased I came across Vademecum Italia unexpectedly whilst searching on the internet.. I had requested my marriage to be registered through the Italian Consulate in 2019 but this never happened – David was able to get this done for me in a matter of days. David is extremely professional and he gave me the best options available, he replied to all my questions and concerns swiftly. David is very trustworthy and I highly recommend using his services. Thanks so much David for your help, much appreciated. Kind regards Elena

  50. Thank you so much for such wonderful service.
    They answered all my questions through WhatsApp, being in constant communication about the progress of getting the documentation I needed and mailing it to me.
    Definitely would recommend!

  51. I have been asked for NUOVO ATTO INTEGRALE DI MATRIMONIO for the Italian CONVOCAZIONE GIURAMENTO, we requested it to the comune and they sent through the ATTI DI MATRIMONIO. Is there a difference between the ATTO INTEGRALE AND ATTI DI MATRIMONIO?


    • Carlos,
      In Italy we have
      Atto integrale (a.k.a copia integrale)

  52. Looking for a lawyer in a foreign counrtry can be a little stressful. You hear stories of misrepresentation and fraud. Even being able to speak some italian and my mother being fluent we were a bit nervous. My family was unable to assist me so i had to find an honest trustworthy attorney online. I did talk to a few but had a feeling David was the one and did I choose right. He is prompt to email you and even answers his phone when you call. He was able to obtain my mothers birth certificate in 1 day and emailed me a copy. This is what i call exceptional service.
    Thank you David

  53. I had an exceptional experience working with David. I would recommend his services to any friend and family. He supported me remotely with requesting a number of documents from the Comune in Rome and police certificates from the ministry of justice and the prosecutor’s office. David is very knowledgeable and provided added value by highlighting some nuances with the documents I had requested, this will avoid delays for me going forward. I will add that David is very responsive on email, clear in his communications and upfront in his pricing. No surprises – and I got everything done very quickly despite what we all know about the bureaucracy of Italian comuni and government offices… Thank you David – you saved me a lot of stress and going around in circles. I’ll be using your services soon again!

  54. I used David’s services to what I thought was an impossible mission. I was born in Italy and was adopted by my American family at 4 years old. Now 64 years old and living in Germany I needed to get a copy of my original birth certificate from Italy.
    David knew the right approach and the right people and was able to cut through the process quickly and delivered my papers perfectly.
    Being a business executive and working throughout the world, I know how important it is to deliver to your customers expectations without excuses and surprises.
    David delivered to my expectations and I will highly recommend his services to deliver yours. Thank you David.

  55. I have been trying to find the best way to express my gratitude for a job well done by David. Usually, the need to ask for service across the Atlantic costs more headaches than money, but David did it effortlessly, despite the scourging pandemic situation in Italy.
    You were incredible and my family and I are very much thankful for your assistance.

  56. David has provided an excellent and first class service. His persistence and determination prevailed against the odds. I would wholeheartedly recommend his company

  57. This service is highly recommended if you want to have everything done fast and effective.
    David and his team assisted us to get my ancestor’s birth record from Mongiana in a couple of days.

    Good luck!

  58. I needed my grandmothers Italian birth certificate to apply for Citizenship, I contacted the Comune myself and after months of not hearing I got in touch with David who was able to obtain it in under 2 months, during Covid-19. Thank you!!

  59. David was very helpful in obtaining my birth certificate from the Comune in Rome. I found the service to be quick and efficient and always quick to answer any questions I may have had. Turnaround time was less than 24h on my instance and would not hesitate to recommend their service to anyone else!
    Once again thank you!

  60. So… I had a situation where I realized I didn’t have my birth certificate when I went to get a new passport. After a Google search, I found David Monterossi, an attorney with Vademecum Italia. Within a week of sending David my info, he obtained my birth certificate from the Comuni in Italy where I was born. If anyone needs assistance getting their birth certificate from Italy, I highly recommend David & Vademecum Italia. It was money well spent!

  61. I was deeply upset when the UK voted to leave the EU. I think it is an extremely stupid and morally bankrupt decision. As my grandfather was born in Italy i believe that I have the right to obtain Italian citizenship. i am determined to maintain my European and Italian citizenship. There were some significant missing documents but David has been brilliant at finding these quite obscure and old documents. I am very grateful to him for his hard and diligent work. I am looking forward to him helping me complete my application for my Italian citizenship. Thank you David!

  62. David has been extremely responsive and helpful, explaining every step of the process and telling me what to expect next with each communication. I was fortunate enough to find his website before trying to go it alone and I’m so glad I did. The turnaround for getting a copy of my grandmother’s information was unusually fast, in my case just a few days! Although my understanding is that I was especially lucky with the timeline, I also know that David’s expertise in the process is what made the entire experience so smooth. I recommend his service highly and whole-heartedly.

  63. David Monterossi was so helpful while I struggled to help a family friend get their birth certificate that they had lost. He was very persistent and had his mind set to accomplish what I needed. David went to the extreme of even writing a letter to help get through the complications we began to have in getting the birth certificate. I can be very busy with work and he was very understanding and patient through the entire process, as I was not able to reply to his emails as fast as he was able to. Super personable and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the help!!

  64. I worked with David at Vademecum to obtain birth records in Italy for both my parents. David was great! He had to make several formal requests, with a Commune that wasn’t being very cooperative. But with David’s persistence he was able to obtain both records! Thanks David, it’s been great working with you, and I would use you again. Highly recommend!

  65. I reside in South Africa and I need it a birth certificate from Italy and I thought that’s would take months but DAVIDE did it in3 weeks forever grateful great service highly appreciated thank you

  66. Oh my word! How lucky was I to find Vademecum Italia while doing an internet search of where to personally apply for my father’s birth Certificate. For the past 3 years I have sent numerous emails and completed forms online, sent scanned pictures of all the documents I had in hand but never received one response from the comune. it was so soul destroying! Eventually I was told by a friend that I would need to present myself at the comune to request the documents. I then actually booked my flight to Italy and in preparation, I started looking up which comune in Napoli I needed to go to. This is when some divine intervention stepped in and David’s Vademecum Italia popped up and when I started reading about his good work and the fact that he got the job done in record time and that his fees were reasonable, I thought this was it… just what I needed.
    Well, David has delivered, he actually went beyond what was needed and in 2 weeks time! Yes, I am truly blessed to have chosen that day to put my trust in him. This has saved me traipsing around Napoli and begging for some help from some official behind a desk who couldnt be bothered about a South African woman looking for her fathers birth certificate.
    A father who, after serving in the war, ended up in South Africa as a prisoner of war.
    Well David and Vademecum Italia cared and went the extra mile for me. I will always be very grateful to you…thank you! Now I will enjoy my trip to Italy and know that people like David does exist and there are people we can trust to get the job done. Well done!

  67. David made locating the birth certificate of my relative from the Italian Comune very easy and effortless. Pleasant experience and trustworthy, would contact again.

  68. I was naturally born a Brazilian, but my parents had my Italian citizenship process completed when I was a teenager, which I will be forever grateful for. Now in my 40s, I have registered my daughter via consulate to the Roma comuna when she was born in 2016. Now I need her original birth certificate in order to be able to request her passport. After so many frustrated attempts and to request these documents to the comuna, I was finally able to get what I needed thanks to David. I came across him via a Google search, and I am so glad I did. Not only did he request and obtain all documents I needed, he quickly sent me the digital copies I needed to get the process started. Thanks David for your superb and professional support!

  69. Thank You so much David for all your help and expertise. It was a great relief to have you take care of my requests so professionally. From putting up with my mistakes to getting all the documents sent in the post. I will be recommending immediately to two other friends here in the U.K who are in similar situations post-Brexit. Thank You so much!

  70. David has assisted me to obtain an Estratto from Italy. It took a while due to COVID but was safely received yesterday. David was always helpful and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vademecum Italia. Thank you very much!

  71. I am very satisfied with the result I got from the lawyer David. I highly recommend him to every one. He is very trusted. I requested my birth certificate through him. He informed me that he will try to get it within couple of days and I am very surprised that he did. Once I requested it, he immediately contacted me and started working in my case. He also kept me updated for every step. Please don’t hesitate to contact him, I am very sure you will not regret the experience.
    Thank you David.

  72. David has done it again! He is so professional and productive. Always follows up and keeps you informed on your process step by step so you are not left wondering what’s being done. He is so punctual and will go above and beyond to get everything done in the fastest time frame as possible. David was able to get our stratto even during hard Covid times when everything is slower and harder to accomplish.

    We continue to recommend David to our colleagues and to anyone that needs an outstanding Representative to handle Italian documents because we trust his work 100% and know we are in good hands with David.

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  74. Attorney Monterossi was able to obtain my mother’s birth certificate from the Comune in Italy a lot faster than we both expected. My mother lives in the USA and lost her birth certificate when she was a child here in the US. I provided David her place of birth and birthdate and he was able to get a copy to me very fast, showing that he knows the right things to say and ask. I highly recommend him.

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  76. Attorney Monterossi has been able to do what no one else has. We’ve been trying to get a grandparent’s birth certificate with absolutely no luck before we hired David. He sent us digital copies today and with his help we will be able to get the hard copies before the date they are required. I highly recommend him!

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  80. A fantastic service – prompting the Comune to transcribe birth certificates and register AIRE – all done a matter of days after David’s first contact with them. Highly recommend.

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  82. David was wonderful to work with. He answered email promptly and obtained my estratto within a couple days, which was an incredible result given the typical speed of the Comuni and Covid-19 procedures. I look forward to working with David again.

  83. Excellent service, extremely helpful and helped me secure my grandmothers documents in an extremely quickly manner. Would highly recommend

  84. Wonderful service from a professional in Italy. I am from the United States and knew next to nothing about the procedure for requesting these documents (Matrimonio, Nati) let alone during an international pandemic which has caused delays throughout the economy and civil services. Even the knowledge of where to find such documents I was unsure. After consulting with Vademecum Italia I was able to communicate in a very convenient manner through the WhatsApp app. Vademecum Italia took a look at my rough familial records to find the clues and was able to make a plan for best course of action. I am delighted Vademecum Italia had success even in working with such a small commune by comparison to many major US and Italian metropolises. Vademecum Italia has my confidence and I highly recommend.

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    The communication has been phenomenal and the speed he had been able to obtain me the documents has been very fast.
    I cannot recommend David and the company Vademecum Italia enough! A+++ to David and the wonderful service

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    I have been struggling for over 7 months to acquire a certificate through my Italian Consulate, I contacted David and he managed to fast track my process and get my certificate in record time.

    Easy communication and flawless service.

    Highly recommend.

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  89. As a US citizen born in Italy, that does not read or speak the Italian language, I was in dire need of finding a miracle worker like David. He was persistent and efficient and the turn around time for the necessary documents was at the speed of light. I will always work with him for all of my Italian legal matters and I suggest everyone else does the same! You will not be disappointed.

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    Many thanks to David for an excellent service.

  92. This is a long testament to explain why, from our experience, it is so valuable to engage David Monterossi from Vademecum Italia to help with obtaining Italian citizenship.

    I am an Australian/Italian with dual passports. On the basis of marriage, my wife applied for Italian citizenship. After 4 years her application was approved. Now came the surprisingly and really unwarranted tough part. Despite having provided a police report and certificate of marriage for the application process, the Italian Consulate in Sydney required that my wife provide a new Australian Federal Police report (Apositlle/NAATI-translation), and a paper copy of an “atto integrale di matrimonio” obtained from Comune di Roma to ‘prove’ we were still married.

    During this phase of the process we encountered very many obstacles and next to no assistance from Consulate staff. My wife could not even access the mail items she was sent by the Consulate as she did not have an Italian SPID which she was not eligible for as she was not Italian. So fortunately I had a Codice Fiscale and I went through the process of obtaining an SPID. With this I could obtain a marriage certificate from the ‘self help’ section of the Comune, but this was not suitable for the Italian Consulate in Sydney. We wrote many emails (many bounced) and spent time phoning different sections of Comune di Roma, and despite a few friendly people, we got got nowhere. Becoming more fraught, we searched further on the web for solutions and finally came across David’s Vademcum Italia site. While cautiously hopeful and concerned about scams (and providing personal details), it didn’t take long to work out that David’s Lawfirm is legitimate. We also read very positive testaments about his assistance on this forum, which is why I am now taking the time to write this long testament.

    Opening a dialogue with David by email, we quickly learned that he was well informed and quick to articulate an efficient path forward. For us this involved providing David the legal power to obtain the documents for us from Comune di Roma, which he did within about 1 week. Even though the documents David provided were the right ones and the only ones available from Comune di Roma, the Consulate in Sydney still found some apparent faults with them. In response to this, David wrote for us how to respond to the Consulate staff. This is when we finally broke through, and went from obstruction and frustration to approval and award of citizenship within a 24 hour period (we were lucky with the rapid award of citizenship as the very day that the marriage certificate was approved a citizenship ceremony was scheduled and we were put on the list about 3 hours before the ceremony took place). After the ceremony we spoke to others who had encountered similar problems, and spent up to 6 years, and encountered a variety of other problems. It is a shame that legally valid citizens have to go through so much grief, but given our experiences and how common the issues are, there is a lot of value in having legal assistance.

    So, grazie mille David – your clear, well-informed, professional guidance and refreshing responsiveness was simply marvellous – all the best to you and Vademecum Italia.

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    *For Uruguayan citizens looking for help with certificates-
    Si eres un uruguayo intentando conseguir una partida y no sabes a quien acudir, el servicio que David ofrece es legítimo y muy profesional, fue capaz de atenderme con rapidez incluso a pesar de la extrema diferencia horaria y consiguió mi partida en tan solo 2h cuando, intentando comunicarme por mi misma con la comuna, hasta el día de hoy no he obtenido respuesta. La presencia de un abogado italiano realmente hace la diferencia, con un poco de conocimiento de inglés debería ser suficiente para poder comunicarse. Lo recomiendo!

  96. Greetings to all. I contacted David, via the internet, a few months ago. David was very prompt in his response and provided the necessary direction for me to follow, in order for hime to acquire the documents that I requested. The process was quick and flawless. I received the documents within a month and I actually received more that I expected. Additional documents were found and providd to me by David. A job well done. Thank You David!!!

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  98. I am currently applying for my Italian Citizenship by descent and needed my Fathers full birth certificate from a small Comune in Italy. We didn’t know how to go about doing this as it can sometimes be very difficult to get in touch with the registry office. We contacted David a week ago and he has already got us the copies of the document and will be arranging for original documents to be couriered to us in the UK. Absolutely amazing service that has really taken a lot of stress out of our lives. Worth every penny.

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  101. I don’t know if my last comment went through, and I really wanted to add to the accolades for the services offered by vademecumitalia. David was able to get my grandchildren’s birth records from Napoli in record time. I had been trying for two years to get a response from them without success, but David did what I could not, and at a reasonable cost. I also very much appreciated the prompt responses to my questions and, although, my Italian language skills are passable, the ability to discuss matters in English made me more comfortable. Mille grazie, David.

  102. David was incredibly thorough in explaining how to register my marriage in Italy. He was able to successfully have my marriage registered in a very short amount of time, especially given COVID-19 delays and the small size of the Comune. He is very professional and reliable and he works hard to get things done so do not hesitate to employ his services!

  103. David has been a godsend. After two years of failing to locate our marriage registration in Italy, we were fortunate to find David. He quickly located the documents and helped us through the process of relocating to Italy. There was even an error on my wife’s Italian birth certificate that David was able to correct within a matter of weeks. I highly recommend his services for effective representation at a fair price. Thank you David!

  104. Wow!I needed urgent assistance in getting my Italian Citizenship registered at the local Italian commune for me to join my family in Italy. Our local Italian Embassy took months to engage and assist with my urgent request. Fortunately I got hold of David and within 2 days my Italian Citizenship was registered. And I could join my family. What a massive impact David had on our Family. I will use him again anytime if I have issues with Local Italian administration.

  105. I contacted David about obtaining my dad’s birth certificate from the Commune in Italy. I was a bit worried as you never know who you are dealing with online but his great reviews gave me some reassurance to give it a go.

    He was fabulous and got the certificates within a day by email and within a matter of weeks by post. He organised everything and was super efficient and communicated really well. Am so grateful and thanks so much David! I would definitely recommend David!

  106. I was recognised Italian by descent (‘jus sanguinis’) after approx. 7 months of attendance at the citizenship office through the Italian Consulate of my jurisdiction. In theory, the consulate should have sent these documents to the municipality (or, ‘Comune’ of one’s ancestor) in Italy for it to be registered.

    After a couple of years I thought there would have been ample opportunity for my birth certificate to be registered so through the Consulate requested to be put on the Register of Italians Resident Abroad (or ‘A.I.R.E.’ which is a prerequisite for obtaining an Italian identification documents).

    However, with no such luck and after another attempt at getting nowhere myself I contacted Vademecumitalia to see if they could investigate my birth certificate registration directly.

    David replied back (in English as unfortunately my heritage language was not passed down to me) on the next working day with clear, easy to understand steps of what to do and options. I opted for Vademecumitalia/David to register my birth certificate rather than go through the Consulate again and I am pleased I did.

    David provided updates throughout the entire process (without prompt!) and from first contact to resolution was about 4 months including physical mail for requesting an additional birth certificate, having it legalised internationally (‘apostille’), translated and then legalised in Italy. However, when the necessary paperwork was sent by David he also liaised with the clerk in the municipality to resolve a discrepancy between my birth certificate and my immediate family (as one member had anglicised their birth name) and went above and beyond by ensuring I was added to the A.I.R.E. in about two weeks – fantastic result considering the aftermath of COVID and bureaucracy challenges.

    Thank you. I will seriously consider David again for future life events/registrations.

    • Dear Antony,
      Thank you very much for your kind words. I am very happy for you!


  107. I contacted David to assist me with my application for Italian citizenship by descent. I needed to source birth, marriage and death certificates from my grandparents’ comuni in the south of Italy. The process took over four months, however, I obtained the necessary documents in the end. This is because David works systematically and consistently. He always maintains a line of communication, even when there is not much to report. He writes long, detailed emails, explaining the current state of affairs as thoroughly as he can. If you need an Italian lawyer based in Italy, with an excellent command of the English language, David is a great choice. He knows the process of acquiring Italian citizenship inside out.

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  110. I cannot give enough praise to David for helping me with getting my birth registered in Rome in order to maintain my Italian citizenship. He was a great help in the process, in getting to the right people at the Comune, cutting through the bureaucracy and, just as important, even helping me navigate through my frustrations. In the end David was able to get the job done record time and I’m now on my way to getting my new passport. I found him direct but very pleasant to deal with, extremely trustworthy and very efficient.
    I highly recommend him for any work Italians living abroad may have in dealing with any citizenry issues. We hope to one day buy property in Italy, and I have no doubt we will use his services.

  111. David was extremely helpful and very efficient with my request for my grandparents birth certificates. He obtained the PEC account on my behalf and communicated with the Comune and I received thier birth and marriage certificates very quickly. His communication is clear and direct and was easy to deal with. I hope to use his service again when applying for my Italian citizenship.

  112. I engaged David to help me retrieve the birth certificate of my grandfather, to help me with my citizenship application. I found him professional and extremely efficient in his work. He managed to obtain the documents quickly despite the Commune claiming that there would be significant delays.
    I highly recommend David and his services.

  113. Fantastic service. David helped me register my parents marriage certificate and obtain an estratto di riassunto. He always replied speedily, was efficient and diligent. Would highly recommend.

    Cranleigh, England

  114. David! Wow! An amazing service – all within a few days I have received everything I needed. Lots of gratitude and can’t recommend his service enough.

  115. If you are looking for a service in Italy to help with finding various types of certificates (birth certificates, marriage certificates etc) then I would highly recommend using Vademecum Italia. David was/is amazing. He has helped my family with multiple documents so far and some have even come through within the matter of days. It can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to obtain certificates from Italy however David is extremely responsive, he communicates everything thoroughly and best of all he succeeds and gives results! You can trust David and his word.

  116. I can’t thank David enough. After trying myself for 3 months to get in touch with the commune, with no reply, to get my Nonna’s birth certificate in order to apply for citizenship, David was able to get in contact with them and get me the birth certificate in 24 hours. It was the best decision I had made using this service. David was professional, quick in his replies and even came in on his day off to process documents for me. If you’re thinking about getting in touch with David for help I would definitely recommend it as it has speeded up the process massively. Thank you David!

  117. We definitely recommend Vademecum Italia Law Firm for anyone who requires legal assistance from Italy. David exceeded our expectations with his timely responses to our queries, exceptional professionalism, and tenacity. Thanks to his high-quality services, we obtained our documents in record time. We know the process would have taken much longer if it weren’t for David’s abilities.

    We will definitely be using his services again in the future. Thanks David for all of your assistance!

  118. I highly recommend David Monterossi for dealing with legal paperwork, communicating with Italian offices, and providing clear explanations of procedures and requirements. My wife and I, currently living in the US, needed to verify that our marriage certificate had been recorded, as well as obtain a copy of it. Communication with the relevant Commune was slow at best. David was able to confirm the marriage had been recorded, and send us a copy of the estratto di matrimonio within a few days.

    He sent detailed explanations of our options and what we needed to do. His response time was excellent. We plan to utilize David’s services for further upcoming Italian legal interactions. Excellent work.

  119. David did an incredible job (and so quickly!) on getting the copies and certificates of my act of birth in the comune of Rome.
    Before I was just struggling for getting any response of just how to begin the process!! So finding him was a sent from heaven! I was a little short of time because I needed to register myself in France where I live now and he got the poets ready in no time! I was really impressed and happy with all, the professionalism and the communication. I will always recommend him! And of course use his services every time if needed.

    Thank you so much David!

  120. My sister and I are working on obtaining Italian Citizenship through descent. We needed our great grandparent’s birth certificates and marriage certificate from 2 different villages in Sicily. David obtained them all quickly. I was not in a hurry, so I don’t remember how long it took, but it was fast. I believe WAY faster and more successful than if I had tried to do it on my own.
    David’s communication is outstanding. He keeps you updated every step of the way. He responds to emails and questions within a day or two, which is great considering I am in California and he’s in Rome. David’s base price was super reasonable. It became more expensive because the villages sent several versions of each document, and I wasn’t sure which one our consulate requires, so I purchased them. He offers it as optional, I was not obligated to buy them.
    I highly recommend hiring Vademecum Italia for your Italian legal or official needs.

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