How can I register my marriage in Italy without going through the Italian Consulate?

If you are asking yourself how you can register your marriage in Italy without going through the Italian Consulate, you are in the right place.

If you need to register your marriage in Italy we can do it for you. You do not need to go through your local Italian consulate and this will save you months or even years compared to trying to get an appointment with your local consulate and having them send your request and papers to your local muncipality (comune) on your behalf.

Please send an email to with your information (where you are located, which documents you have, etc.) and we will let you know the process, the documents you need, and our fee for requesting the registration of your marriage certificate with your Italian comune on your behalf!

You are an Italian citizen, or married to an Italian citizen, who for example lives in the London / San Francisco / Chicago area, got married abroad (outside of Italy), are a formal resident of your Italian comune (although you live abroad) or are registered with the AIRE of your Italian comune, and need your marriage certificate from Italy, or more precisely your Italian municipality (comune). Maybe your husband/wife wants to apply for Italian citizenship or you have been asked by your local authority to prove that your marriage is registered in Italy, or you simply want to update your AIRE status.

However, you were not aware of the fact that in order to obtain your marriage certificate from Italy you first need to register your marriage in Italy, or you simply did not have time to register your marriage yet. Yes, in order to obtain your marriage certificate from Italy, you first need to register your marriage with your Italian comune.

So, now that you know this, you would like to register your marriage in Italy but your local consulate did not even answer your email with which you asked them what documents you need and if they could give you an appointment, or didn’t have any available appointments or they gave you an appointment in 2 – 3 years’ time.

So what can you do now?

Well, yes, you could insist with your local consulate but it will probably take you years before you can complete the process.

So there is something else you can do which will save you a lot of time. What is it?

You contact us and we can send the request to register your marriage to your local Comune on your behalf.

We will send the registration request on your behalf, monitor the status of the request, and inform you as soon as we have confirmation that it has been registered by the clerk at the comune. Then, if you want, we can also collect your marriage certificate. Very easy and fast!

If you send an email to with your information (where you are located, which documents you have, etc.) we will let you know the process, the documents you need, and our fee for requesting the registration of your marriage certificate with your Italian comune on your behalf!

As a matter of fact, we have assisted many, many clients during the past years who were then able to very quickly register their marriage certificates with their Italian municipalities. This saves them a lot of time and frustration.

Here is an example of a letter we recently received from an Italian comune confirming that they registered our client’s marriage certificates upon our request.

To give you some examples, you can consider that we have assisted a client whose marriage certificate had not been sent by the Consulate to the Comune for 3 years and this was after he had waited 1.5 years to get the appointment. This means that after 4.5 years from when he started the registration process, it had not been concluded. Therefore, he contacted us, collected the documents again, and with our assistance his marriage certificate was registered within 45 days.

Another client had to wait 1.5 years because the consulate did not send the correct file to the Comune and so the Comune could not register his marriage. Although he was sending emails to the Consulate they weren’t sending the correct file to the Comune. So he decided to contact us, collect the documents again, and thanks to our assistance his marriage was registered within 2 weeks.

You also have to consider that most of the time when the Italian comuni receive requests from consulates, they don’t consider them urgent especially due to the high number of requests they receive and the fact that the consulate often does not follow up with them. However, when they receive the request from an Italian attorney it is different, and they know that they have to work on it as soon as possible, especially because the Italian attorney will keep contacting them until it is done. In fact, we contact the comuni periodically to make sure they are working on your case.

So don’t waste your time waiting months or even years for the consulate to give you an appointment and send your papares to your Italian Comune like everyone else. Save time and send an email to and we will let you know how the process wirks, what documents you need and what our fee is.

Here are what some of our previous clients said about our assistance:

Ali June 24, 2022

Fantastic service from David. I’m a dual US-Italian citizen, my husband is Russian, and we needed to have our marriage registered in Italy. After many long and opaque processes with the consulate, I reached out to David by email. He replied very quickly and is very knowledgeable. He handled my request almost immediately, and within a few days I had a response from the comune. I will absolutely return to David for any Italian legal/immigration/citizenship needs. Thanks again for the great service, David!

Cora August 19, 2022

David was incredibly thorough in explaining how to register my marriage in Italy. He was able to successfully have my marriage registered in a very short amount of time, especially given COVID-19 delays and the small size of the Comune. He is very professional and reliable and he works hard to get things done so do not hesitate to employ his services!

Shawn August 28, 2022

David has been a godsend. After two years of failing to locate our marriage registration in Italy, we were fortunate to find David. He quickly located the documents and helped us through the process of relocating to Italy. There was even an error on my wife’s Italian birth certificate that David was able to correct within a matter of weeks. I highly recommend his services for effective representation at a fair price. Thank you David!

Elena May 27, 2021

I’m so pleased I came across Vademecum Italia unexpectedly whilst searching on the internet.. I had requested my marriage to be registered through the Italian Consulate in 2019 but this never happened – David was able to get this done for me in a matter of days. David is extremely professional and he gave me the best options available, he replied to all my questions and concerns swiftly. David is very trustworthy and I highly recommend using his services. Thanks so much David for your help, much appreciated. Kind regards Elena

Ana October 29, 2019 

I couldn’t recommend David’s services highly enough! We had tried to register our children’s acts of birth through our respective Consulate. After many submissions and silence I admitted defeat, and hired a lawyer in Rome (that came highly recommended to us) to assist us in this matter, three months later they only succeeded in billing me and then told me there was nothing they could do.
After two years of frustration we were lucky to find Vademecum Italia. David managed to solve this problem for us in a matter of 4 weeks by reaching directly to our Comune in Italy, helping us obtain and submit all the required documents, something our previous lawyer told us could not be done! David is extremely professional and kept us updated at each step. We’re very grateful!

Lucia May 30, 2019

I used Vademecum Italia for the transcription of my same-sex marriage celebrated abroad and also for the transcription of my son birth certificate in Italy and have to say that I was happy with the service. David was very knowledgeable and kept in contact during the process letting me know what was going on.
Happy to suggest this service to anyone else.

Gary (January 27, 2018)

After a couple of frustrating attempts over 9 months and from overseas to get my foreign marriage transcribed in the Rome Commune without success I turned to David at Vademecum Italia. Within a couple of weeks I had the transcribed document in hand! I could have saved myself months of wondering what Rome was up to and many sleepless nights if I had used Vademecum earlier. It turns out Rome was in no hurry to deal with overseas marriage transcription requests and given that we also found out that my consulate had sent illegible documents I might have ended up months later no further ahead. When David got involved with his intimate knowledge of the processes and limitations locally the task came to a conclusion smoothly. Thanks David and Vademecum!

Mariano (December 6, 2017)

After attempting to register our marriage via the official Consulate route unsuccessfully a few times in three different European countries we decided to hire the services of Vademecum Italia. We couldn’t be happier, our marriage has been registered directly in Italy in just a few weeks and we already have our italian marriage certificate in hand. In hindsight we should have contacted VI years ago.

You can find more reviews on Google by searching for “Vademecum Italia” (on the right side under VADEMECUM ITALIA you will find the reviews).

There is also another possible issue which refers to the cases where the Consulate actually sent the request and documents to your local municipality (comune) but the Italian municipality has not registered them after many months or even years. We saw cases where the comune did not register the marriage for 12 years although they actually had received the request and documents. If you find yourself in a similar situation and want to know what you can do in this case, we invite you to send an email to or read our guides.

You should also consider that if you are an Italian citizen living abroad and registered in the AIRE of your comune, we can also request for you the registration of your children’s birth certificate with your Italian comune without going through your local Italian consulate.

Please send an email to with your information (where you are located, which documents you have, etc.) and we will let you know the process, the documents you need, and our fee for requesting the registration of your marriage certificate with your Italian comune on your behalf!

You can find more guides here > Legal Guides

  1. What a fantatsic and undertsanding service. David had to jump through a few hoops, because of the wrong information I sent him originally. I need, divorces, marriage, and my son’s birth certificates all registered at the same time. He guided me along the way and was very understanding and supportive at every point. From researching on my behalf to keeping me up to date, to fighting my case with the Comuni, who weren’t always polite or helpful towards him.

    I can highly recommend David and his service. I could not have done what needed to be done without his help.
    Thank you so very David for all your help

  2. Hello!
    I wanted to find out something.
    First, briefly about my business.
    My name is Semion. I am a Canadian citizen and a permanent resident of Canada. I am 59 years old. My fiancee legally permanently works and lives in Italy, in Rome. She is not a citizen of Italy, she is a citizen of Georgia. She is 50 years old. Since she lives in Italy, we decided to get married in Rome. I need to make sure that I fly specifically for registration, for a maximum of a week.
    Marriage documents must be valid for submission to the Canadian government for sponsorship of my spouse.

    Accordingly the questions:
    Can you arrange marriage registration? How much will it cost us? (the cheapest option, we are far from rich and we don’t need any ceremonies or banquets)

  3. I need a quote for registration of marriage in Italy

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    please call me .i want to register my marriage in italian embassy.

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