Have you been living in Italy for several years? Don’t miss the opportunity to become an Italian citizen!

Have you been living in Italy for several years? Don’t miss the opportunity to become an Italian citizen!

Italian citizenship is currently regulated by Law no. 91/1992, as subsequently implemented and amended.

Citizenship legislation applies to:

  • native-born Italians who have lost their citizenship and wish to reinstate it;
  • descendents of Italian citizens claiming citizenship;
  • foreigners applying for Italian citizenship.

Naturalization is one of the ways by which Italian citizenship can be acquired. In this case, it is possible to obtain Italian citizenship if you are able to prove sufficient personal income and legal residence in Italy for a certain number of years which vary depending on the specific situation (you should ask your Comune for a residence certificate).

According to art. 9, Law February 5, 1992, no. 91, the number of years of legal residence in Italy required to obtain citizenship are the following:

    • 3 years for descendents of former Italian citizens up to the second degree and for foreigners born on Italian soil;
    • 4 years for citizens of a European Union country;
    • 5 years for Stateless persons and refugees, as well as for adult foreigners over the age of 18 adopted by Italian citizens;
    • 10 years for non-EU citizens.

Therefore, if you are a foreigner born on Italian soil, after three years of legal residence in Italy you may request Italian citizenship.

If you are an EU citizen who has been legally residing in Italy for the last four years, you can file an Italian citizenship request. In case you are a non-EU citizen, the number of years required to apply for citizenship is ten.

In all cases, if you have resided in Italy for the required number of years, you should consider requesting your Italian citizenship, so that you can enjoy the rights of being an Italian citizen and take advantage of all the related benefits.

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