So true! We have been through all of this and more living abroad. The consulate will tell you to go fetch for information yourself on their website. (If you are lucky to get a response) they offer almost no guidance. They will tell you are in “pending” status and give you a long list of things to re do or re submit and correct but they will give you an unrealistic time frame making it almost impossible to achieve. Putting you in a situation to beg them for more time. They have the power and we have nowhere to turn. Until you find David and a team of professionals that do care about your case and will do everything in their power to help you. My husband and I have found Vandemecum and although there is still a lengthy process to go through, we can say that at least we can see light at the end of the tunnel. We are in good hands with David and we trust that he will help us reach our goal. I highly recommend them!

March 12, 2018

After a couple of frustrating attempts over 9 months and from overseas to get my foreign marriage transcribed in the Rome Commune without success I turned to David at Vademecum Italia. Within a couple of weeks I had the transcribed document in hand! I could have saved myself months of wondering what Rome was up to and many sleepless nights if I had used Vademecum earlier. It turns out Rome was in no hurry to deal with overseas marriage transcription requests and given that we also found out that my consulate had sent illegible documents I might have ended up months later no further ahead. When David got involved with his intimate knowledge of the processes and limitations locally the task came to a conclusion smoothly. Thanks David and Vademecum!

January 27, 2018

Dear VI,
I would like to say thank you also in this way for your professional lead you provided to us on the starting steps to open a non-resident bank account in Italy. Your quick reply with all the important and exact infos were a great help for us in understanding the best process we should follow. It was also a surprise to learn how wide is the palette of your services from the banking guidance through legal advices to a full support in official and public authority matters. We will definitely come back to you when similar issues appear in the future.


I was fortunate enough to find VademecumItalia on the internet. I cannot begin to describe how helpful they have been!! From my initial email for help right to the end result, VI have worked with quiet determination to resolve my issue. They always responded to my queries quickly and demonstrated an immense amount of knowledge about Italian bank accounts.


Dear VI,
Thank you so much for taking time to reply and providing such detailed advice that is very useful for me. I will look into the information you have provided. Thank you very much.


After attempting to register our marriage via the official Consulate route unsuccessfully a few times in three different European countries we decided to hire the services of Vademecum Italia. We couldn’t be happier, our marriage has been registered directly in Italy in just a few weeks and we already have our italian marriage certificate in hand. In hindsight we should have contacted VI years ago.