TAX-CODEThe Italian tax code (“codice fiscale”) is the document of identification of individuals (newborns, foreigners, residents abroad) and entities other than individuals in all their relationships with the Italian public authorities and administrations. This document is required in order to obtain the Italian Health Card (Tessera Sanitaria), the “Residence permit” (Permesso di soggiorno), and also to undersign any kind of contract (loan, sale and purchase, bank account, rent, employment, household utilities, etc.,) or to start a business activity, to deduct medical expenses, to buy a mobile phone, or for billing purposes in general, and much more.

1) What the Italian tax code is and how to obtain it

The Italian tax code (in Italian “codice fiscale” = “fiscal code”) is the document of identification of individuals and entities other than individuals in all their relationships with the Italian public authorities and administrations.

The tax code, which is similar to a credit card, is issued by the Inland Revenue Agency and consists of sixteen alphanumeric characters, which express the personal data of the subject such as last name, first and second name, sex, place and date of birth.

This document is required in order to obtain the Italian Health card (Tessera Sanitaria), the “Residence permit” (Permesso di soggiorno), and also to undersign any kind of contract such as, for instance, loan, sale and purchase, bank account, rent, employment, household utilities, etc., or to start a business activity, to deduct medical expenses, to buy a mobile phone, or for billing purposes in general etc., and much more. Therefore, it is very important to have a tax code.

2) Newborns

With regard to infants, following the registration of birth by the parents at the municipality of interest (registers of the resident population), thanks to a telematic systems that provides information to the Tax Registry Office, the Inland Revenue Agency will automatically send the tax code of the newborn to the address of the applicant. This happens in most of the municipalities. In some other the parent will have to go personally to the Inland Revenue Agency bringing with him/her the documents released by the hospital after the birth and those issued by the municipality after the registration of the child, and personally ask for the release of the tax code of the newborn.

3) Foreigners

The tax code and the certificate of granting of the tax code are issued in favor of foreigners applying for entry into the territory, for employment and family reunification, by the “Sportelli Unici per l’Immigrazione” (One-stop-shops for immigration).

Foreigners who have a valid visa can ask directly the local office of the Inland Revenue Agency for the tax code.

In addition, police headquarters (“Questure“) can issue the tax code to foreign citizens who do not have one as it is required for the issuance/renewal of a residence permit.

4) Residents abroad

Citizens (or foreigners) residing abroad who need the tax code can ask the Italian diplomatic or consular representation in the country of residence, for it. To request a tax code at a consular office you will need to complete a special form and show an identification document.

In addition to the above, the request of the tax code can be submitted before any office of the Inland Revenue Agency, using the AA4/8 form that you can find here.

5) Required documents

In general, when requesting the tax code the applicant (Italian citizen or EU-citizen) must simply exhibit a valid identity document.

Citizens from a non-EU country must show either:

identity card issued by the municipality of residence; or

passport (and Visa if required), or another document with a photograph of the applicant that is recognized as valid by the Italian authorities;

attestation of identity containing a photograph of the applicant issued by the diplomatic or consular representation of Italy in the country in which the applicant is a citizen.

Children may get the tax code through the request presented under the same conditions as described above by the parent.

6) Forms

At the Inland revenue agency’s website ( it is possible to find all the information related to this matter and download an “application for a tax code, notification of change of details and requests for a tax code card/duplicate of the national health system card” written in English, that you can also find here.

7) Copy of the tax code in case of need

In case of need (theft, damage, etc.), it is possible to request a copy of the tax code either following the same procedure for the first request or by consulting the website of the Revenue Agency. There it is necessary to indicate the number of the tax code or complete personal data and, for reasons of safety, some data concerning the income tax return filed in the previous year. It is also possible to request a duplicate via telephone by calling the Inland Revenue Agency.

As for citizens living abroad they may request a copy of the tax code from the Italian Consulate in the country of residence.


  1. reading this post it seems that in Italy things work. for my experience (I’ve been living in Italy since last summer) most of the times I feel like Italian laws are made so that common people are not able to understand them!really discouraging

  2. THANK YOU DAVID!!!! Since I came across VI’s website I have used them extensively. David has been instrumental in assisting me with my trip to Italy. He has gone above and beyond to assist me and even so far as to meet with me when I get to Rome. To continue further conversations in my transition to Italy. He has eased my anxiety tremendously. Very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. I will continue to use VI forever.

    • Dear Doug,
      Thank you for your wonderful comment.

      I look forward to meeting you here in Rome next week.


  3. My boss, Kim skovhus – danish, need this italian tax code, i’m helping him. It’s difficult to find out how. I’d find this formular on your page.
    If he completes this – where to send it?
    Hope you will answer me back :-)

    • Hi Maria,
      Thank you for contacting Vademecum Italia.

      We sent you an email a few minutes ago.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


  4. Hi my name is Joe and my wife and I are dual citizens Ital/US. Recently we decided we wanted to start more of a life in Italy and the first step to that is getting the coda fiscale (like a us ss number). We searched on our local consulate website, but found that the process was hard..we had to make an appointment, travel to the consulate and fill out paperwork. We searched online and we landed on this site and asked if anyone could help us..An Italian lawyer name David responded quickly and with so much information about the topic, we were very impressed. David even translated all of the Italian docs into English for us so that my wife and I knew what we were signing. We filled out a short form and emailed David a scan of our passports..the very next day David informed us that he had gotten the coda fiscale for us…impressive! I am going to use David to assist me in getting an Italian bank account and any other things we need to start building a life in Italy..Thanks David..Joe and Rebecca

  5. Hi, my name is Sachin from India. I was looking for help with Opening a Bank account & getting the Codice Fiscale and happened to come across this blog through a web search. I had read several articles on the web in this regard, but this one seemed quite clear and concise. after getting in touch with vademecum, Mr. David responded promptly and in kind with further details. I liked his conversations, because they were quite detailed and easy to understand. So, I decided to engage him to get my Codice Fiscale, while still in my country. Even though I have no knowledge of Italian, the clear step by step instructions sent for filling the forms (forms itself are in Italian language) made the process quite simple. Further, I received my Codice Fiscale within the same day of me submitting my documents over. Thanks Mr. David, really appreciate your support.

    I am extremely satisfied with my experience, and would highly recommend Vademecum’s services.

  6. Hello there, I need to set up a Non Domicile Italian bank account. With regards to the Codice Fiscale, are there any offices around Venice or surrounding cities that can issues one. Many thanks in advance, Mike

  7. Hi David
    You advise on how to gain a tax code on order to open a bank account also in Italy
    As looking to purchase a home of which I wish to stay a few months of the year into retirement
    Thank you


  8. I came to David for help in getting a Codice Fiscale number. We had to go back and forth a number of times, but he was always patient and kept things moving. Frankly the idea of dealing with lines, waits and the Italian authorities can be a horrifying idea. Having found David has been a God send. He’s prompt, professional, communicates clearly and gets the job done quickly and at a reasonable cost. The other thing is, you’re dealing with a lawyer, so you can rest assured that he’s looking at the whole picture when he does something for you. There’s no doubt I’ll continue to use him for my needs: you can’t go wrong in hiring him.

  9. Hi, I have been living here in Italy for almost 11 years now and have renewed my permesso di soggiorno a year or two ago. As I was looking at the paper, I noticed that the part where it says CODICE FISCALE is completely different than my actual Codice Fiscale. The one in the permesso di soggiono are not alphanumeric code but composed of 11 numbers.

    Can you please explain this to me? Was there a mistake and I never noticed it? Thank you.

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