In Rome, Milan, Turin, and Naples the transcription of your act of marriage can go on a fast-track thanks to VI.

In Rome, Milan, Turin, and Naples the transcription of your act of marriage can go on a fast-track thanks to VI.

Marriages between Italians and foreigners contracted abroad have immediate validity and relevance in the Italian juridical system. According to national laws, they must be transcribed in the Registers of Civil Status of the Italian Municipality of interest (Office of transcription of weddings celebrated abroad). Moreover, same-sex marriages and civil unions celebrated abroad can also be transcribed in the Italian Registers of Civil Status.


If you read our previous post Transcription of marriages celebrated abroad in the Italian Registers of Civil Status you will find out everything you need to know in order to transcribe your act of marriage.

The first thing you should know is that you will not need to come to Italy to request the transcription of your act of marriage, nor will you need to wait months for a municipality just to open your envelope, assuming that it does not get lost among the offices of your Comune.

As a matter of fact, we regularly assist people in requesting the transcription of their act of marriages, same-sex marriages, and civil unions celebrated abroad, especially at the Comune di Roma. Now, thanks to our new associates, we are able to offer the same professional and high-speed service, always at a reasonable price, for the cities of Milan (Milano), Turin (Torino), and Naples (Napoli) as well.

So, we are able to request, on your behalf, the transcription of your act of marriage in the Registers of the municipalities of Rome, Milan, Turin, and Naples within 24/48 hours from when we receive your documents. Considering that Italian municipalities ‘take their time’ to perform the transcription, the sooner you request it, the better. Therefore, putting your request on a fast-track could be useful to speed up the process.

You should also consider that we always offer full assistance in English, for those who do not speak Italian, which is something that should not be taken for granted.

Therefore, if you have a multilingual marriage certificate, or a marriage certificate with its legalization/translation/Apostille, that you would like to transcribe into the Italian Registers of Civil Status of the cities of Rome, Milan, Turin, or Naples, we can request its transcription for you!
Just send an email to We will then ask you for the few documents we need in order to submit the request to the municipality (“Comune”) of interest. After we receive your documents, our lawyer will present the request to your municipality within 24/48 hours.
Very simple, efficient, and at a low cost!!

The transcription of the act of marriage is important not only to officially update your marital status in the official Italian records, but also because it is necessary in case you want to apply for Italian citizenship by marriage.

If you need assistance with your Italian citizenship application, please send an email to



  1. I need a civil transcription I was married and divorced in ferrara and im getting married in the uk I need this so I can get married. how do I go about it?

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