When do Italians drink a cappucino?

When do Italians drink a cappucino?

Let’ make one thing clear. We know it’s good, we all love it, but we don’t drink it after lunch. We only drink it for breakfast.

So, when we see someone drinking a cappuccino right after lunch or at 5 pm, we know he or she is not Italian. 

The cappuccino is a classic Italian coffee drink that has become popular all over the world.

The cost of a cappuccino at a bar is usually around € 1-1​.​50.

So, when do Italians typically drink a cappuccino?

In Italy, cappuccinos are traditionally consumed during breakfast or as a morning coffee. It is usually drunk before 10/11 am, and it is considered “inappropriate” to drink a cappuccino after a meal or in the afternoon. This is because cappuccinos are made with a larger amount of milk than other coffee drinks, and it is considered too heavy for consumption later in the day.

It is also true that it is really a matter of culture because technically there would be nothing wrong ​with drinking it after lunch, it is just something we don’t do. We drink it after we wake up.

The traditional Italian cappuccino is made with ​​espresso​ coffee​, steamed milk, and frothed milk, and it is typically served in a large cup (or larger than a small espresso cup “tazzina”).

It is also often accompanied by a sweet pastry or a croissant (a.k.a. cornetto or brioche depending on the Italian region). This makes it the perfect breakfast option for those who want a bit more sweetness and creaminess in their morning coffee.

Additionally, cappuccinos are a popular choice among those who want a coffee drink that is not too strong, as the milk in the cappuccino helps to balance out the ​​espresso‘s bitter taste.

When you want a stronger taste of coffee with milk you should ask for a caffè macchiato (an espresso with a little addition of milk in a regular small coffee cup). 

Then, this is how Italians like to drink a cappuccino, but coffee shops and cafes will serve cappuccinos throughout the day, upon your request.

In conclusion, Italians like to drink their cappuccino during breakfast, but if you want it​, ​you can have it at any time of the day.

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